A good and fair standard of living.

Mission Statement

Stoney Creek Community Homes Inc.’s mission is to provide access to adequate, suitable affordable housing, and provide a solid foundation on which to overcome obstacles, raise families and enjoy the elder years. Our commitment to accessible and affordable housing will contribute to building strong families and communities.

Our Vision

Stoney Creek Community Homes Inc.’s statement is the shaping force for all of its policies, behaviors and services.

Our Values

Accountability: to continually review and increase the efficiency of our organization through fiscal responsibility and prudence to balance the delivery of exceptional services.

Leadership: To encourage individual and team initiatives that exceed expectations in our culture and in our actions.

Integrity: To demonstrate mutual respect, honesty, sincerity and embracing the diversity of our community in all of our dealings.

Compassion:  Sensitivity to, and a sincere desire to meet the requirements of all residents

Administrative Staff

David Hall – Executive Director
Jessie Vincent – Director of Operations
Grace Sherwood – Maintenance Coordinator
Eric Wigboldus – Capital Project Coordinator
Dina Guise – Property Manager
Jackie Rickards – Property Manager
Debbie Spoleti – Tenant Services Assistant
Samantha Mahoney – Tenant Services Assistant
John Buchanan – Senior Accountant
Gamalee Yaddehige – Intermediate Accountant
Adrienne Charlick – HR Generalist

Board Members

Responsibility for the smooth running of Stoney Creek Community Homes Inc is divided up between the board and the Executive Director. The board is ultimately responsible for the governance of the organization. It creates a corporate vision and the framework within which the Executive Director and his/her staff work. It is responsible for hiring and evaluating the Executive Director, whose duty it is to ensure that our properties are competently managed. The Executive Director, along with other staff, provide administrative, technical and program expertise in order to implement the board’s policies and manage the buildings effectively.

Board of Directors:

James Finlay – President
Erika Brown – Vice-President
Brandon Brown – Treasurer
Kimberly Holleran – Secretary
Li Cheng – Director
Michelle Walker – Director
Lyndon Pearson – Director